SalaryFinance Helping Brit Workers Clear Debts

L - R: Daniel Shakhani, Asesh Sarkar and Dan Cobley.L - R: Daniel Shakhani, Asesh Sarkar and Dan Cobley.

Fintech company SalaryFinance is helping British employees clear their debts through their employers. SalaryFinance has teamed up with employee benefits provider Benefex, whose own platform reaches over one million employees in the UK across numerous employers.

SalaryFinance is the brainchild of Asesh Sarkar, Google UK’s former managing director Dan Cobley and entrepreneur Daniel Shakhani.

Sarkar said: “One in three employees say that money worries impact their productivity at work. SalaryFinance provides a cost-free way for employers to help their staff, particularly those on middle to low incomes, payoff their debt quicker and improve their financial health. We deliver the equivalent of a 3% pay-rise to staff, for free. Our pilots have been a huge success and we are excited about rolling out to the employers across the county. The strategic partnership with Benefex significantly accelerates our reach into some of the largest employers in the country and we delighted to be working together.”

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