Andy Hopes to Serve Five Investment Aces

Andy Murray SeedrsAndy Murray, Seedrs

As far as celebrity friends go, UK tennis star Andy Murray seems a pretty astute choice for crowdfunding platform Seedrs.

Andy has just announced, Seedrs trumpeted the other day, his first five investments on the platform.

He is a pretty good tennis player as we all know (world number two apparently, I didn’t know that), but how good is he as an investor, and, the question we’d all love to have answered, how much help does he get choosing his portfolio?

Fair play to Seedrs for being so upfront about Andy’s choice, because if they one day bomb, there’s going to be a fair bit of leg pulling. But, let’s hope he doesn’t volley too many into the net! Mind you, they sensibly haven’t disclosed how much he’s coughed up for each investment, so maybe a Scottish tenner each way?

So, here are his choices: 2015’s Start-up of the Year Oppo Ice Cream; FinTech50 2015 annual travel ticket subscription service CommuterClub; the UK’s fastest growing P2P lender Landbay, which recently announced a partnership with Zoopla; We are Colony, a global film streaming platform founded by BAFTA-winning filmmaker Sarah Tierney; and, Readbug, the ‘Netflix for Magazines’.

The Seedrs statement was understandably upbeat, saying: “Murray identified the five, very different businesses he wanted to back, investing undisclosed amounts into each. He plans to make further investments on the platform as the year continues, as part of his strategic relationship with Seedrs.”

Which begs the question, is the deal with Seedrs that he invests his sponsorship fee – now that’s a novel approach and typical of today’s disruptors; get the star to have a stake in their deal? I’m all for that.

Andy’s PR said (I mean Andy): “Giving recognition and support to British entrepreneurs is important to me, especially those who are the driving force behind growth-focused businesses. Every one of these entrepreneurs is inspirational and dedicated to their business and I’m excited to have invested in their team’s vision and work ethic.”

“It’s been an exciting start to 2016 for me, for many reasons. To see Seedrs reach £100 million on the platform and so many ambitious and dynamic businesses currently fundraising, means it’s a great start to 2016 for them as well.”

Well said Andy, or whoever.

Seedrs CEO Jeff Lynn (is he the guy behind cult Brummie group ELO, I’m not sure), hopefully composed his own quote and sang: “It’s great to see Andy supporting British entrepreneurs so actively on Seedrs by investing in their businesses. Seedrs is now the most active seed-stage equity investor in the UK, and our continued growth and leading position in the market are testament to our reputation and the support from people like Andy.”

Yes, nice one Mr Blue Sky.

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