Top FinTech influencers according to LATTICE80

The great and the good of the FinTech sector have been named by LATTICE80.

The London-based global FinTech hub has just announced its list of 200 top Fintech leaders who, in their view, you need to know and follow in Europe.

This is the latest list that is part of a continuing series of reports that aim to identify key people that contribute to the Fintech industry as influencers through action.

Find the full list here.

The report said that the “…The Fintech industry in mainland Europe and the United Kingdom has been subjected to some very interesting developments recently. While any major effect of ‘Brexit’ on the status of London as the main hub of European Fintech is yet to be seen, the City of London Corporation has already been working on actualising favourable policies and regulations to maintain the flow of funding and talent for the sector.

“According to a report in December 2017 by Her Majesty’s treasury, the Fintech sector ‘contributes £6.6 billion annually to the UK economy, and employs over 60,000 people in 1,600 companies’. We at LATTICE80 announced a move to London last year, Brexit or not – not for London’s status as a gateway between U.S. and Europe but for its status as a global hub of finance.”