HooYu helps Glint identify customers

Identity confirmation provider HooYu has partnered with Glint to verify customer identity and maximise the speed, and success rate, for customers wanting to open an account.

Glint is a UK-based FinTech start-up which operates throughout Britain and Europe. Its users are able to load money into their account and then convert that to gold via an online app. Customers can use their Glint Mastercard to make everyday purchases instantly using gold as money.

HooYu was chosen by Glint to be deployed during the account opening process to prove that customers are who they say they are and ensure compliance with Anti Money Laundering regulations. Glint selected HooYu due to the unique blend of identity technologies in the HooYu identity platform.

Co-founder of Glint Ben Davies said: “It was important to us to design the account opening process to make it as easy as possible to open, we also needed a solution that would enable us to approve the customers who had pre-registered in a simple way. HooYu has helped us get to launch and a create a great digital journey that makes for easy and convenient account opening, whilst also complying with Anti Money Laundering regulations and preventing fraud.”

Marketing Director at HooYu David Pope added: “Glint is a truly innovative financial instrument and in HooYu they have partnered with a truly innovative identity confirmation service. HooYu is the first identity platform to combine and blend new identity technologies such as digital footprint analysis, online ID document validation and facial biometrics with traditional database checks and PEPS and Sanctions screening.”