Fintech Newbie Munnypot Hopes To Save Those Trapped In Advice Gap

Fintech newcomer Munnypot is targeting those trapped in the financial advice gap with a new robo service which has just pre-launched. It will be made available to the public in the autumn.

Start-up Munnypot is a robo-advice and investment service that sets-out to explain to people, in a language that they can understand, how they can invest their money. Munnypot says it will charge its users a “fraction” of the cost of a traditional financial adviser, or wealth manager.

The team behind Munnypot reckons that the advice gap affects around 16 million in the UK. Research suggests that nearly 50% of consumers have not yet received any form of financial advice within three years. What’s more, they reckon that over five million people would pay for some advice if it cost less.

The Munnypot platform uses the latest robo-advice technology, combined with human expertise, to learn about the user’s financial situation, set financial goals, invest your money, and keep you posted on performance.


Redgrove said: “The UK’s current system of financial advice is profoundly unfair and must change. Millions are bamboozled by the variety and complexity of financial products on the market. The financial service industry profits from this, charging sky-high fees for advice, whilst often failing to outperform the market. We’re on a mission to make financial advice affordable and accessible to all, so that their money works harder for them. The Munnypot product is like nothing else on the market – we can’t wait to hand it over to UK consumers.”

Fay added: “The first generation of robo-advice services were, frankly, too robotic and failed to actually give people advice. Munnypot is aiming to change that by creating a more natural, intuitive experience that delivers actionable advice, rather than vague recommendations.”

The backers behind Munnypot include the SEI Wealth Platform, an outsourcing solution for wealth managers encompassing wealth processing services and wealth management programs.

Managing Director of SEI Wealth Platform (UK Private Banking) Brett Williams said: “As a consequence of the RDR, we have seen an increase in demand for automated advice solutions to help those customers who are no longer being served by advisers, or for those that want to self-serve with some help and guidance. We are delighted to be partnering with Munnypot, which we believe will be a disruptive brand in the UK market and think the company’s user experience, mobile-first design and simplicity will greatly appeal to a broad range of consumers, not just the tech savvy mass affluent millennials. The innovative ongoing alert and messaging framework is extremely powerful and gives customers the chance to be regularly updated on their financial matters.”


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