Fintech Ebury Benefits From Digital Onboarding

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Working with US Fintech Ayoka has reaped dividends for UK Fintech Ebury.

Ebury provides a combination of lending, currency and payment solutions for small and medium sized businesses. By working with digital onboarding platform Ayoka, Ebury increased its customer base by 50% last year. It has also seen its lending volumes boosted by more than 2.5x.

Ebury required a digital account opening solution that could scale across multiple countries and currencies. It chose to use the Avoka Transact platform, enabling Ebury to build a highly tailored onboarding process in just a few weeks and significantly increase the number of customers it could onboard in a short period of time.

Chief Technology Officer at Ebury Dr Toby Young said: “Superior customer experience is key for Ebury. Giving our Salesforce-based sales and operations teams complete visibility of the onboarding process through the Avoka system – within the context of an individual customer journey – is a vital part of being able to please our customers.”

Chief Experience Officer at Avoka Derek Corcoran said: “We’re delighted to have been able to play a key role in helping Ebury transform how it acquires customers in what has been a crucial stage in its development.

“We were able to accelerate Ebury’s ability to acquire customers over digital channels, delivering a new digital account opening experience in just four weeks. Most importantly, this allowed customers to access Ebury’s business lending, currency exchange and payment services in a fraction of the time.”

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