‘Blockchain: Rethink Trust 2018’ is coming to Europe

Intellectsoft, the global software development company with a focus on the latest tech, is to co-host ‘Blockchain: Rethink Trust 2018.’

This is a new, enterprise-grade conference on blockchain engineering that is a part of By the Bay event series, well-known in the Silicon Valley. The event will take place in Amsterdam at the historic venue Beurs van Berlage on Friday, June 29.

The conference plans to challenge the traditional understanding of blockchain and corporate world, gathering top engineers, C-level executives, and blockchain enthusiasts. It will cover topics such as integration and adoption of blockchain across key industries, properties of blockchain protocols and distributed systems in Big Data. It will also have coding workshops on building Hyperledger and blockchain solutions.

“Blockchain: Rethink Trust 2018” will be keynoted by executive leaders from IBM and ING and feature top tech talent from around the world in Internet of Things (IoT), energy, fintech, and other industries.

The aim is for the conference’s attendees to share their experiences of the best ways to monetize blockchain, discuss regulatory trends, and facilitate strategic partnerships for consortium private blockchain development.

The event wil be led by the Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab, a consulting and development unit that offers access to a wide pool of engineering, cryptography, and cybersecurity talent in Eastern Europe.