Barchart Buddies Up To FinTech Sandbox

Provider of market data and information Barchart is partnering with FinTech Sandbox, the Boston-based non-profit organisation founded to promote financial technology innovation globally by providing free-access to critical data and resources to sector entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Barchart becomes an official market data partner and will offer a variety of data feeds, software and APIs to FinTech start-ups looking for reliable market data and tools.

Barchart collates and converts market data, financial data and news into technology solutions for a number of industries, including finance, media and commodities.

FinTech Sandbox executive director Jean Donnelly said about the partnership: “Many of our residents are particularly excited about working with Barchart to access its diverse market and financial data.”

He added: “FinTech Sandbox looks forward to providing Barchart with insightful feedback from our residents on their data sets and APIs, as well as encouraging business relationships with our FinTech start-ups that extend well past their residency in the Sandbox.”

Barchart Managing Director Mark Haraburda commented: “Collaborating with FinTech Sandbox is an exciting step in helping start-ups acquire the data they need to develop their products and services.”

He continued: “Whether a FinTech start-up is looking to develop banking, wealth management, market analysis or trading tools, Barchart along with FinTech Sandbox will be able to really help them get started.”

Barchart will provide a number of market data services, including:

  • raw and normalized real-time data feeds for stocks, indices, futures and forex;
  • Barchart OnDemand market data APIs
  • end-of-day data feeds;
  • historical market data, including tick, minute and daily data;
  • data for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs);
  • News and fundamental financial data.

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