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Covering the latest news and gossip on the rapidly moving global FinTech, Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer sectors. If it’s financial and has a technological heart, we’re interested. Fintechnewswire.com provides updates, features, chat and appointments from across the globe.

Fintechnewswire.com is produced by the Clifton Media Group (publishers of IFA Magazine, EIS Magazine, MVPro Magazine and RoboPro Magazine) and Old School Content.

Use us to keep ahead of the news, which includes our unique take on what companies are saying (forgive some of the slightly tongue-in-cheek comments which, when you read as many press releases as we do, offers some light relief). We also like to provide thought-provoking features which are stimulated not only by official company news, but by meetings and even happenchance.

As regards house style, we like to spell ‘FinTech’ this way, and not ‘Fintech’, which, as we all know (well, at least lets hope so), is the abbreviation for Financial Technology. We believe this covers a wide range of companies which operate in the financial sector and predominately base their customer-facing service on a technology platform. So, that’s about as loose as you can get. We don’t just focus on those naughty disruptors which are upsetting the traditional members of the banking sector.

Our material is aimed towards the professional players in this sector (companies, investors and advisers), but that doesn’t mean that anyone who what’s to learn about this exciting sector, won’t find this a valuable source of information.

Neil Martin, Editor



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